The Heart Behind
MatchLine Interiors

Meet Stephanie Kaeberlein

Is your workplace as effective as it could be for you and your team? Is it a source of pride and joy? Is it the chosen place for collaboration, innovation, and social reconnection?

As a business owner or key stakeholder, you value your team and the spaces they occupy. Recognizing the evolving dynamics of work, you find yourself uncertain about how to optimize your existing assets—particularly your workplaces. Stephanie excels in crafting destinations that offer excellent amenities and foster environments where teams can excel.

Shaping Environments,
Enhancing Well-being

Driven by a passion to improve lives through exceptional design, Stephanie, owner and founder at Matchline Interiors, understands that today’s evolving workplace calls for more than just rebuilding—it needs reinvention. A well-thought-out design sends a strong message to teams and customers alike: You Belong Here, and We’re Committed to Excellence.

Stephanie’s early career at global design firms involved creating high-profile projects that were as functional as they were stunning, enhancing morale and productivity. These experiences imparted valuable lessons on achieving sophisticated design without excess, focusing on efficient floorplans, targeted design priorities, durable materials, and sustainable solutions.

In 2018, she established MatchLine Interiors to extend these high standards of design to a broader range of clients, enabling businesses of any size to benefit from a well-designed workplace.

Are you ready to transform your workplace? Join Stephanie in this endeavor to craft spaces that inspire and bring out the best in everyone who enters.

Beyond the Blueprints

Stephanie embarked on her journey in interior design at the tender age of 15 and has relentlessly pursued knowledge and innovation in her field ever since. She has a penchant for vintage items and is currently engaged in organic gardening and exploring the nuances of homemade sourdough, though her enduring love for chocolate cheesecake remains unmatched.